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Rules of Civil Procedure strives to keep this list as up to date as possible, however, rules of civil procedure as states deem necessary. As laws change, so will the laws listed on our website. We advise you to review the website of your state's Judicial Branch, Supreme Court, or State Courts. A listing of these websites can be found in the Court Information section of our website.

Some states prohibit the delivery or serving of documents on Sundays, Holidays, or Election Days. However, some states will allow service of documents under special circumstances pursuant to a Court Order. Please review the laws of the state that you wish to serve papers, or have papers served, to see whether that state has any delivery restrictions. does not warrant the accuracy of these laws, and does not guarantee that they are the most current rules of civil procedure for each state. The laws listed on are only a starting point for reference, and are not meant to be legal advice or a replacement for legal console. This site aims to provide useful information, which should not be confused with legal advice. While the publishers of this site endeavor to have all information at this site be accurate and complete, neither the, Glaeser Enterprises, LLC, nor any other owners of the domain or website warrant that the information is complete or accurate. All disclaim any and all liability to any person for any loss caused by errors or omissions in this collection of information. Please consult a process server in your area, county, or state, or review the court websites for that area, county, or state, if you have any questions about process service there.

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Federal and State Laws Prohibiting Interference with Service of Process

Simply click on the 'Process Serving Laws / Rules of Civil Procedure' link beneath a state below to view the Rules of Civil Procedure in that state.


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