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Would you like to become a process server? Would you like to know more about what it takes to become one? If so, this section of will help you get started in the process serving industry. Our entire site is tailored to the process server industry, and is a trusted source of information throughout the profession. Use the various tools and free information found on to learn more about this growing industry.

If you are not sure what a process server is, or you would just like to learn more about what they do, click here to learn more about Process Servers and Process Serving. If you already know what a process server is, then you are ready to check if your state has any licensing or other requirements to become a process server. Use our Process Serving Laws / Rules of Civil Procedure section to review the laws and requirements in your state.

Once you have reviewed the rules and regulations of your state, browse our directory of process servers to find a company in your area to approach about employment. After becoming employed as a process server, come back and continue learning more about your new profession with our process server tools and free process server information sections.

Things to keep in mind if you are interested in becoming a process server:

  • You Should Have Great People Skills
  • You Should be a Problem Solver
  • You Should Possess Good Investigative Skills
  • You Should 'Read' People Well
  • You Should Have Great Organizational Skills
  • You Should be Perseverant (some servings take three tries to be accepted)
  • You Should Have Good Routing Skills (to plan your serving 'runs' efficiently)
  • You Should be Able to Follow-up With People (such as attorneys, etc.)
  • You May Need to Work Odd Hours (such as nights and weekends)
  • You May Have to Serve Someone Larger Than You (they may be intimidating)
  • You May be a Contractor (you pay for gas, insurance, etc. on your own)

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